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The Short:

Eevee, Vee (Evelyn)


Art, Vidyagaems, Moosics, Cartoons.

Cappylism, NFTs, Homo/Trans/Enbyphobes, Bigotry.

The Long:

I'm just a depressed autistic trans girl burning some time making a website. I have a number of nicknames but I generally prefer to go by Eevee, Eve or Vee. I've been a long-time tinkerer with html and CSS but this'll be the first website I've ever actually "published". So that's kinda cool.

I like to think of myself primarily as an artist. All of the assets on this website os of the date I'm writing this were all made by me. I've dabbled in a large variety of mediums throughout my life and the two I find myself coming back to the most are 3d and pixel art. I'm still however roughly capable in the other mediums I've dabbled in, the main ones being drawing and photography.

I like videogames alot, one day I hope to have the time and energy spare to make one of my own, a finished product I can be proud of anyways. it's another thing I'm a long-time tinkerer in, made a few "games" here and there but nothing that you could really call a finished game, at best there might've been a player you could control.

Finally, all of me labels. I'm an autistic trans enby girl, demisexual, demiromantic, socialist. If you take issue with any of these then you can fuck right off of my website because you are not welcome here.

All of that being said and done, I hope you enjoy my website. As of writing this there is very little content but hopefully by the time you're reading it there'll be something in my gallery for you to look at, or maybe I'll'vee added another section with cool things to see. I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Vaea has helped me quite substantially in the making of this website.

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